Make Fabric And Rhinestone Cheer Bows

Supplies Needed:
28 inches of  3 Inch Decorated Grosgrain Ribbon
44 inches of 3/8 inch Decorated Grosgrain Ribbon
Double Sided Adhesive Disks
Elastic Pony Tail Holder
Hot Glue Gun
Wood Burner
Template Material or ruler
Zip Tie

How to Decorate the Ribbon:

28 inches electric blue 3 inches grosgrain ribbon
Royal Blue Mystique Iron-on Fabric Strip
White/Silver Mystique Iron-On Fabric Strip
Ombre Rhinestone Strip Set (one piece cobalt and one piece crystal)

To get the right look, I cut 4 inches off the bottom of each mystique strip and ironed it on the opposite
direction at the tail. This will give you the look of the fade working towards the center around
the entire bow.

How to Fold the Ribbon:

Step 1:
Cut your ribbon to 28 inches long. In this tutorial I pre-decorated the ribbon with two different pieces
of iron-on spandex fabric strips and rhinestones. You can adjust this length to add longer tails or
bigger loops. Typically, you will not need more than 32 inches of ribbon. Fold your decorated ribbon in half
to leave a visible crease as the center or make a small mark.

Step 2:
In this tutorial I am using a template mat, which makes it super easy to get the right measurements
and angles. You can also just measure with a ruler. Lay your ribbon on the template mat with the
crease in the center point. If using a ruler. Place the center mark at the 3" line.

Step 3:
Fold down each side of the tails of the ribbon down 3" from the center. Leave about a 1/4" gap under
the ribbon back and the cross of the ribbon tails.

Step 4:
I like to add a double sided adhesive disk to the center of the back ribbon on the fold and between the
ribbon where they cross. This will help hold shape while you crease the center. It's not necessary, but
a huge help!

Step 5:
Flip the bow over and carefully bring the back of the bow down on top of the crossed center. Keep the
back straight and make sure to line up the top of the X and back of the ribbon.

Step 6:
Keeping a firm grasp on the center, work the middle back and forth a few times to create "mountains and
valleys" in the ribbon.

Step 7:
While holding the center crease, place the plastic zip tie around the center and close it half way.
Make sure you close it far enough to hold the crease you just created, but not so much that you can't
make adjustments. Check your loops and tails and make sure it all looks even. You can still make minor

Step 8:
Pull the zip tie closed as tight as you can. Trim the extra length of zip tie.

Step 9:
Hot glue the elastic pony tail holder to the back of the bow.

Step 9:
Wrap the decorated center ribbon around the middle of the bow. Use hot glue to sort it.

Step 10:
Wrap the side pieces of the center ribbon to the back and trim any extra. Leave enough to wrap around and
glue around the pony tail holder.

Your bow is complete!

For more information how to decorate the ribbon click here for more cheer bow tutorials.