Make Pinwheel Hair Bows

Materials Needed:

Ribbon cut to desired length
Cardboard templates (instructions below)
Jumbo salon clip
Embroidery floss

pinwheel bow 2

Step 1:
These instructions utilize a cardboard template. This is not necessary, but will ensure that you will get uniform bows each time. This is great for making matched sets. To make the template cut the cardboard to the desired width. It should be about 1/2 wider than the finished bow size. Cut out the exact middle. This will be where you place the clip to slide the ribbon off the template.

Ribbon Width

Finished Bow Width

Length of Ribbon Needed

1 1/2" Ribbon

4" Bow

23" Ribbon

1 1/2" Ribbon

3" Bow

18" Ribbon

7/8" Ribbon

3" Bow

19 1/2" Ribbon

7/8" Ribbon

2" Bow

14" Ribbon

5/8" Ribbon

2" Bow

14" Ribbon

5/8" Ribbon

2" One Loop Bow

7" Ribbon

Step 2:
Take the ribbon and align with the top of the template.

pinwheel bow 3

Step 3:
Wrap the ribbon up the back of the template

pinwheel bow 4

Step 4:
Wrap the ribbon down the front of the template.

pinwheel bow 5

Step 5:
Wrap the ribbon up the back of the template again

pinwheel bow 6

Step 6:
Wrap the final length of ribbon down the front template. Trim any excess ribbon.

pinwheel bow 7

Step 7:
Take the jumbo salon clip and place it in the middle of the template where you cut made the cut in the cardboard.

pinwheel bow 8

Step 8:
Carefully slide the ribbon off the template being careful not to move any of the loops. Make sure the ribbon is tightly held with the clip and that that clip does not move from the middle of the clip.

pinwheel bow 9

Step 9:
Wrap the embroidery floss around the ribbon while it is still in the clip two times.

pinwheel bow 10

Step 10:
Tightly pull the floss and tie the floss. Trim the edges for the desired finished look.


Making The Template

pinwheel hair bow template