How To Make A Cheer Bow (Wide Angle)

Materials Needed:

Wide Angle Cheer Bow Mat
26" - 3" Wide Grosgrain Ribbon
Zip Ties
Double Sided Adhesive Disks
Pony Tail Holders
Rhinestone Center Strip
Decorations Used:
Gradient Spangle Strip
Glossy Printed Glitter Mascot

Step 1:
Cut your ribbon to 26" long, fold in the center and then iron a crease at the center point.

cheer bow tutorial

Step 2:
Apply your decorations to the ribbon ends. For full strips and half strips, line up the design with the end of the ribbon and press into place. On this bow I used a full spangle gradient strip on one side and a half gradient spangle strip on the other side. Iron-on your mascot graphic in the area specified as visible on the template mat.

Step 3:
Align your ironed center crease with the center mat. Use the mat to guide where to place loop decorations. On this bow I have placed a glossy glitter printed eagle on the left side of the loop. (don't worry that it looks obscured by the ribbon right now, when the bow is creased it will be visible again)

Step 4:
You can use double sided adhesive disks to attach your keep your ribbon from slipping during the creasign in the next step. Place one on the center crease and one between the crossed pieces of ribbon.

Step 5:
Flip your ribbon over and bring the back piece of ribbon down level on the back of the bow.

Step 6:
Carefully crease your ribbon working the center back and forth.

Step 7:
Hold the center crease and secure with a zip tie. You can place the pony tail holder either inside the zip tie or glue it to the outside of the zip tie.

Step 8:
Flip the bow over and make any necessary adjustments.

Step 9:
Trim the tails and add your bow center.