How To Make Hair Bows

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Materials Needed

  • Ribbon (cut in desired length for bow size)
  • Lighter for heat sealing the ends of the ribbon
  • Embroidery floss for tying the center
  • Jumbo salon clip to secure the center during the creasing/tying

Step 1: Using this table, choose what size hair bow you want to create and the width of the ribbon you are using. Cut your ribbon to the recommended length. Add more length if you want the tails to show. Be sure to heat seal the ends before starting.

Step 2: Mark the middle of the ribbon with a pen or pencil. This will
Step 3: Make the top of the figure 8 placing the end of the ribbon over the top of the middle mark you made. The loop should look like an awareness ribbon loop. If you are leaving tails, leave the desired tail length past the center mark
Step 4: Make the bottom loop of the figure 8 just like you did with the top loop. Again, if you are leaving tails, allow them to go past the middle mark for the desired length.
Step 5: Bring the top of the upper loop down to the center and hold in the middle cross area.
Step 6: Bring the bottom loop up to the center and place over the middle cross area.
Step 7: Secure the hair bow with a jumbo salon clip. Make sure it is a clip with a center opening to allow you to tie the bow in the next step.
Step 8: Take the embroidery floss and wrap around the center twice while the clip is still holding the folded ribbon.
Step 9: Pull the embroidery floss tight and knot the center.